New Ford EcoSport for sale in Brisbane

The city can serve up plenty of challenges - potholes, narrow laneways, rough surfaces, you name it. So it's good to know EcoSport is equipped to take pretty much any challenge in its stride.

EcoSport Hill Launch Assist

Hill Launch Assist

EcoSport comes with the secret to perfect hill starts. Hill Launch Assist holds the brake for a few seconds after you take your foot off, giving you time to smoothly accelerate away, either uphill or downhill, without rolling or losing control. So if others are stopped close behind you on a slope, there's no need to sweat.

EcoSport Hands-free phone calls

Hands-free phone calls

Do you get separation anxiety any time you can't use your phone? In your EcoSport, there's no need. With SYNC™, you can stay connected during your journey. Hook it up to your phone using Bluetooth®3, and calling your Mum is as simple as saying, "Call Mum." Stream or plug in your music and just say want you want to hear. Your hands stay on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and you stay in touch. Easy.

EcoSport Fuel-saving design

Fuel-saving design

The EcoSport has a drag co-efficient of 0.365. Why should you care? Because it means more fuel savings, thanks to an aerodynamic design that reduces friction. From its 'teardrop' shape to small details like the rear pillar kicker, it all works to limit wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

EcoSport High-strength boron steel

High-strength boron steel

Used in the space program, boron steel is four times stronger than normal high strength steel, yet incredibly lightweight. Injected into the EcoSport's doors, it creates a super high strength safety cell designed to help keep you protected you in an impact.

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